Monitoring Engine
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Improve your infrastructure and application performance.

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Insightful Application Monitoring

Monitoring applications is not enough. Use our tools to not only monitor, but gather insights into your application's performance.
Easy Setup

Easy Setup

Use edge policies or our custom scripts for exporting logs to offsite location for analysis.

Reliable Centralize Logging

Reliable Centralize Logging

Our Data ingestion pipeline (ETL) will help export logs periodically without interference to API runtime.

Deploy Anywhere

Deploy Anywhere

Run on cloud of your choice or on-prem. We will customize the package to fit your specific needs!

Analyze Your Appliation Performance

Analyze API errors, target performance, availabilty and get suggestions for improvements. Find anamoulous events and track behavior.

Why choose Monitoring Engine?

Integrate your Apigee or Web Application environment with our Monitoring Engine. Our Engine integrates with Google’s stack driver for delivering best in class performance. Metrics, Dashboards, Alerting and logging are all at your finger tips.

  • Monitor, Log and Analyze
    Monitor, Log and Analyze

    Integrates with Google’s stack driver and equips you with insights into health of your Apigee instance or web application.

  • Google Cloud, AWS or
    Google Cloud, AWS or

    Let your application be anywhere on cloud. Our monitoring engine can integrate with your application.

  • Resolve issues faster
    Resolve issues faster

    Advanced alerting to identify issues quickly and resolve them sooner. Integration with slack to give your team instant insights into faults.

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How it Works?

Application and Edge logs can be fed into monitoring engine by our data ingestion pipeline. Our supervised ML solution will provide insights into stack's performance.
Monitoring Engine Flow