Developer Portal

Stratus Meridian's
Developer Portal

Faciliates discovery, exploration, testing and documentation of APIs in a secure environment.

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Simplify developer onboarding

Expose API products and documentation to internal teams, partners and customers. Manage developers, group them into teams, use our teams dashboard!
Developer Friendly

Developer Friendly

Makes it easy for developers to learn about your APIs with request/response API discovery

Customizable and Extensible

Customizable and Extensible

Customize the developer portal according to your brand guidelines and add external modules

Better Access Control

Better Access Control

Specify access rights/privileges to users and apps created by users through dashboard

Manage your business APIs

Enable processes that grants a business control over and visibility into the APIs that connect their applications and data.

Why choose Developer Portal?

Developer Portals bring both things together: Product and Community. It is a central place where a company exposes all their APIs to the world, accompanied by developer guidelines, code labs, test consoles, etc. It is a place to build and discover.

  • Simple Integration
    Simple integration with auth support

    Developer portal supports OAuth and other leading auth services to ensure security right out-of-the-box.

  • Analytics to value
    Analytics to value your APIs

    Analyze and control the quality of APIs exposed using the built-in analytics and update the APIs as per your business goals.

  • Sass and on premise solution
    Available both as saas and on premise solution

    Stratus Meridian offers developer portal solution both as a saas product as well as on premise installation.

Developer Portal Illustration

How it Works?

Simply install our developer portal, add edge authentication and sync developers and developer apps. Our Ansible playbooks will make your installation a breeze!
Developer Portal Flow