Google Cloud and Stratus Meridian

Stratus Meridian Partners with Google Cloud

With this partnership we will be providing developer portal for enterprises powered by Google Cloud technologies.

Advantages of partnering with Google Cloud

This partnership enables Stratus Meridian to deliver the developer portal through GCP marketplace in a seamless way to organizations with any shape and size. Apart from that, this partnership also enables the product to be scalable, reliable and secured using Google Cloud services.
  • feature-icon Scalability
  • feature-icon Reliability
  • feature-icon Security

Stratus Meridian's Developer Portal

Expose API products and documentation to internal teams, partners and customers. Manage developers, group them into teams, use our teams dashboard!
Developer Friendly

Developer Friendly

Makes it easy for developers to learn about your APIs with request/response API discovery

Customizable and Extensible

Customizable and Extensible

Customize the developer portal according to your brand guidelines and add external modules

Better Access Control

Better Access Control

Specify access rights/privileges to users and apps created by users through dashboard

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Implementation of Developer Portal with Royal Carribean Cruises

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