Case Study

Building Apigee connected developer portal for Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.

Customized developer portal to serve internal teams, partners helps RCCL in simplifying App key management, on-boarding developers and provide interactive documentation.

API gateways will help solve challenges in managing your backend API and securing them by employing authorizations at edge and access restrictions, but it won’t complete the full cycle of your API program. This is where a developer portal fills this gap in adoption of APIs.

The Challenge

Integrated developer portals work great for quickly starting your developer program. Apigee's integrated portal provides many functionalities out of the box and allows companies to customize the colors, add logos etc. This is great for companies that are starting out and does not require a lot of customizations.

When companies need more than what's provided by integrated portal, there are 2 ways to go about this.

  1. Developer Portal on Drupal using Kickstart or Stratus Meridian Developer Portal
  2. Custom Developer portal from scratch

Apigee Kickstart provides a full suite of customization options and module in its profile that helps building developer portal quicker. This profile is used for building a custom branded developer portal for Royal Caribbean Cruises's Developer portal.


  • Apigee
  • Drupal
  • AWS

The Solution

Taking all requirements into consideration, a custom theme is created using Material UI. Integrating Continuous Integrations and deployment of API Specs using Apigee Maven plugin allowed to create a seamless integration experience.

API products can be filtered using faceted filters, documentation is displayed using completely customized Swagger UI.

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